E Release Firmware – Select Model and Frequency


The E Release takes everything
PocketWizard does best…

And does it better!

It extends your range,
increases reliability,
& has more features!

Now Available! Please review important notes here and choose your frequency and model below.

A PocketWizard that has been upgraded to the E Release can only communicate with another PocketWizard that has also been upgraded to the E Release and the E Release is only available with certain radios. Please check here for compatibility.
You need at least 2 PocketWizard radios with E Release Firmware and you will need to purchase one Firmware License per radio.

The E Release links below are located on a different PocketWizard server. Upon clicking the Button, you will be redirected to a new browser window to purchase your E Release Firmware and this page will remain open in its original browser window for your convenience.