E Release Firmware – Select Model and Frequency


The E Release is now available at 50% off for a limited time!

The E Release is an easy and inexpensive firmware upgrade that dramatically extends the range, enhances reliability, and expands the features of your existing PocketWizard radios. Currently available for the PocketWizard Plus III, Plus IV, FlexTT5 for Nikon, and the PowerMC2.

Sale runs through July 10, 2020

Now Available! Please review important notes here and choose your frequency and model below.

A PocketWizard that has been upgraded to the E Release can only communicate with another PocketWizard that has also been upgraded to the E Release and the E Release is only available with certain radios. Please check here for compatibility.
You need at least 2 PocketWizard radios with E Release Firmware and you will need to purchase one Firmware License per radio.

The E Release links below are located on a different PocketWizard server. Upon clicking the Button, you will be redirected to a new browser window to purchase your E Release Firmware and this page will remain open in its original browser window for your convenience.