About PocketWizard

PocketWizard is the brand name for a line of photography accessories which allows photographers to be more creative. The original PocketWizard radio, called a FlashWizard, was developed in the late ‘80’s by three lab partners at the University of Vermont who created a business called Lab Partners Associates (LPA Design). One of the founding members of LPA was approached by an assistant working for an Architectural Photographer who was looking for something better than a modified garage door opener to trigger his lights. Thus the FlashWizard radio was created, the predecessor to the current line of PocketWizard products.

FlashWizard radios became more widely used in the 90’s and grew a following among professional photographers specifically with sports photographers. In fact, even to this day, several photographers shooting the NBA continue to use the original FlashWizard radio. In the late 1990’s, LPA continued development and launched the PocketWizard line of wireless control devices for the professional photographer. Today, the PocketWizard line consists of over 60 products including wireless transmitters and receivers, accessories and cables.

PocketWizard radios are the industry leaders in wireless control and synchronization of cameras, flash lighting and light meters. They are sold by leading photographic distributors around the world and are integrated with products from top photography manufacturers, including Sekonic, Bowens, Profoto, Dynalite, and others. The world headquarters are based out of Shelburne, VT where a small group of dedicated employees continue to build the PocketWizard brand as the “must have” photography accessory.