Raven by Fusion TLC

We are excited to partner with Fusion TLC to introduce the Raven! This innovative new product was created by one of the founders of PocketWizard and is designed to work with your PocketWizard radios. The Raven is currently available for Nikon or Canon cameras.

What is the Raven?

The Raven is a revolutionary new universal lighting and camera trigger that uses the new PocketWizard E Release protocol. Using a Raven on your Nikon or Canon camera, the unit will pair perfectly with your PocketWizard radios*. You can also add new products to your system as the Raven is also designed to directly trigger Paul C Buff, Profoto, and Godox flashes. This groundbreaking new product will let you trigger 2 different systems at the same time, while keeping all of the features that are available for both brands. The Raven takes the features of the FlexTT5 and AC3, plus special timing functions from our legendary flagship MultiMAX radios, then adds some groundbreaking new features, and combines them all into one easy to use unit.

Raven by FusionTLC