Plus IIIe

The Plus llle Transceiver is the most reliable, feature-packed, easy-to-use solution for remote flash and camera triggering available.

The Plus llle is an Auto-Sensing Transceiver which means it will automatically switch between transmit and receive as needed. It uses our new E Release firmware protocol to bring your remote triggering to the next level, with 32 Standard Channels, 80 Long Range Channels, and 4 Zones. It can also be reverse-compatible with all PocketWizard radios as well as the new Raven by Fusion TLC, making it the perfect addition to existing gear. Pair it with the Raven for faster sync speeds with studio strobes or for advanced remote camera triggering functions.

Whether new to remote triggering of cameras and flashes or a top professional pushing gear to the limits, the Plus llle’s reliability, simplicity and performance make it the perfect tool for the job. 

PocketWizard Plus IIIe Radio Transceiver